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Graduate Students


We are fortunate to have a large number of excellent and very active graduate students. However, that makes it difficult to keep this page, and the individual listings, up to date. Therefore, please consider it as perpetually under construction ...

NOTE: Graduate students at UCR can now create and maintain their own web pages, as described here:

How To Post A Webpage In Your Student Account

All EEOB graduate students should do this, then please let the webmaster know so that we can add a link to that page. For an example, click here.

Acosta, Wendy wendy.acosta "at"
Auer, Sonya sonya.auer "at"
Balasubramaniam, Priya pbala001 "at"
Bassar, Ronald ronald.bassar "at"
Claghorn, Gerald C. geraldclaghorn "at"
Dlugosz, Elizabeth edlug001 "at"
Enders, Laramy ymaral989 "at"
Essenberg, Carla cesse001 "at"
Fraire-Zamora, Juan jfrai001 "at"
French, Sarah sfren001 "at"
Gartner, Gabe ggart001 "at"
Gordillo, Anita annarosa02 "at"
Gordon, Swanne sgord003 "at"
Hannon, Rob xeenon50 "at"
Harris, Breanna bharr002 "at"
Keeney, Brooke bsahara33 "at"
King, Elizabeth eking001 "at"
King, Ian ian.king "at"
Latif, Quresh qlati001 "at"
Lee, Myung-Bok mlee019 "at"
Lesser, Karen kless001 "at"

McGowen, Michael mmcgo002 "at"
Meek, Tom thomas.meek "at"
Meredith, Robert rmere001 "at"
Miyata, Haruhiko hmiya003 "at"
Orr, Teri teri.orr "at"
Ortiz, Sonia sonia_ortiz_02 "at"
Oufiero, Chris coufi001 "at"
Pearson, Senanu senanu.pearson "at"
Perea, Juan Pablo ("JP") jpere035 "at"
Torres, Rafael Mejia rtorr006 "at"
Turcotte, Martin mturc001 "at"
Van Sant, Matt mvans001 "at"
Weckworth, Byron bweck001 "at"
Zeng, Lijin llgirall "at"



Updated 15 April 2011 by T.G.